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Against Magazine was created to bring you the best and most updated news about Metal and Classic Rock. Since Then it has already garnered its share of followers due to the interesting news and features we have from time to time. We have become one of the primary sources of entertainment for people who cater to these music genres. Until now, we are still undefeatable in delivering the perfect materials that would fuel the passion of artists and musicians out there.

We simply do not give up on the amount of work we exert to make this magazine work. So it is not surprising that we still stand tall and on top of the competition.


Against Magazine is composed of an amazing set of passionate writers who create articles with their hearts for the benefit of the readers. Before it is published, it goes through first the critical review of our editors and editor-in-chief. All illustrations we have here are also nothing less than original until mentioned to be otherwise. We uphold the value of honesty, credibility, and originality on this site so you can expect only information you can trust.

From time to time, we accept volunteer writers, freelancers, and contributors to write on our page. But even during these times, we ensure that the quality of everything published here is never compromised. We do not tolerate plagiarism or any form of stealing from other sources. We have the right system to ensure that this would never happen. We have the right to refuse the publication of any articles that won’t abide by that rule.

Interested in writing for us? We can make that possible. You can be a part of the team or simply volunteer, your choice. You can also suggest topics you want us to discuss. We want you to be a part of the process of providing a good source of information to the people.