What is the Against Magazine all about?

Against Magazine is just like any other magazines you find everywhere. While others focus on gossips, business, and lifestyle, we give you information on everything related to Metal and Classic Rock. We feature here important individuals who continue to become the foundation of these two types of rock and bring closer together their followers.

Do I need to register?

There is no need unless you want to become a part of the Against Magazine community. Otherwise, you can simply come and go as you please.

Are my credentials safe if I register for the Against Magazine Community?

Yes. With Magazine recognizes the need to keep personal information of our customers private. We campaign against phishing. As a result, we hold the best web security features on the internet. We never also store the data of our clients for security purposes. With Against Magazine, you do not have to worry about anything.

Can I send my own articles to be published here?

Against Magazine allows music enthusiasts to publish any feature articles here that are related to what this magazine is all about. However, this would be subject to approval, proofreading, and editing. It should also pass our quality and reassurance test. At the same time, it should be within the scope of the terms and policies of the company.

Do I earn anything by submitting articles?
This depends on what articles you want to publish with us. Do you want to be a freelancer? Then you need first to submit a resume to us. But if your wish is to simply share some information and your story, you won’t earn from it. We have allotted a space for these types of releases coming from our clients. What we can reassure you, however, is that your articles would be read the world over.

Do you have any more questions?

Then feel free to email us anytime.