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From our customers:

Against Magazine has always been my number one choice. I’ve followed a lot through the years. It was unfortunate however to have them non-existent all of a sudden. But with Against Magazine, it continues to be of service to my fellow musicians out there.
Mitchell van Dirk, Malaysia
Before Against Magazine, I’ve been following many other magazines which feature rock music as well. However, they failed in comparison when it comes to the articles released by this company. Since following Against Magazine, I have forgotten all others. And I never regretted my decision.
Chola Bandou, Indonesia
Against Magazine is the only magazine that gives you substantial news straight from the source. Their writers are very dedicated as evident on every article they provide for the consumption of their audience. It is a happy thought that rock music continues to be empowered because of magazines like this.
Arthur Yap, Singapore
Only Against Magazine was able to provide a rock music enthusiast like me a comprehensive and up-to-date news about my favorite musicians in this industry.
Megan Senpai, Australia

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